So, what does a specialist team of health and safety consultants do on an average day? Rhino Safety has enjoyed a busy November, so while yesterday’s agenda is fresh in the mind here’s a run-down of how our team of professionals fill their average day…

First, much as we all love a good cup of coffee, health and safety issues can’t be put off. When a client calls, it’s always best to react quickly. That way, you’re on top of the game and the client knows that they have received the best possible advice. They can move forward and plan what actions need to be put in place.

And increasingly, that seems to happen first thing just when the kettle is boiling! Still, we shouldn’t complain. We are doing jobs that we thoroughly enjoy, and ensuring that other businesses operate safely.

07:30 Business never sleeps, so one of the best opportunities to meet other industry professionals and new clients is over breakfast at one of the many networking events we attend. Over the last few years we have developed some amazing relationships, and the referral system is to be recommended. Oh, and there’s coffee!

10:00 Personally, I prefer the egg-shaped ball, but keeping the wheels of industry well-oiled so that supporters of Premier League football teams can see their favourite players in action is a privilege. This week we had the pleasure of working with a super client who refits the coaches that transport the Liverpool and Everton teams up and down the country each week. And no, in the interests of impartiality, there will be no red or blue favouritism!

12:15 Lunch on the go, but a lovely catch-up with a catering business we have helped many times over the last two years. And long may it continue, especially as they do wonderful tuna salads…

12:45 Straight back to base and the all-important catch-up with the rest of the team for a progress meeting. Calls have come in, plans have been hatched, reports generated and advertising/social media campaigns need to be discussed.

It’s essential to have a good team in the background. Now the amazing people in accounts and planning will grimace, as they often tell us that they are the real organ grinders. Probably true, but we like to think that we’re one fantastic team that collectively delivers the results that matter. But enough of the cheerleading…

13:45 Straight back on the horse, well, horse power, and a steady drive to a client that required a risk assessment completed immediately to allow an urgent construction job to proceed first thing in the morning. Just over an hour and everyone is happy, everything properly assessed and documented.

15:00 Back to base and an hour on the laptop for the inevitable admin tasks and emails.

15:30 Everything looking shipshape, so some time spent completing another tender for what could be a very large contract. Email sent.

16:00 Production of a Health and Safety policy and a fire risk assessment for a local group of solicitors, then a well-received cup of tea. I knew that accounts department liked me!

17:00 Almost done. A catch-up phone with a client about a forthcoming meeting. Keeping those lines of communication open is essential, and it helps to keep working relationships strong.

17:15 Final get-together in the office conference room. Not everyone’s favourite topic, but the management reports help to keep the business on the right course. Five minutes with accounts to keep on top of invoices, and then breathe.

17:30 That family time is important. So, all done for the working day. Now for that coffee and a bite to eat at home.

How was your day?

If you’d like to be part of the Rhino Safety working day, for any health, safety, fire risk or environmental concerns, please give our team a call on 01270-440341.

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